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  • I live in my house
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is stuff
  • I am a wiki editor!
About Me

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How to make Elemental/Shadow Sprites (PTD2/PTD3)

Hello, my name is BlastGJ. I am quite a dedicated wiki editor. My goals is to clean this wiki up and make it about PTD1 only. Feel free to ask me for any help, I'll try to be active whenever I can!

I want to change up the templates a bit so the pages will look nicer!

  • My PTD2/3 Trainer ID: 5484116
  • Alternate PTD2 Trainer ID: 8090350 (Shadow Pokemon)
Favorite Pokemon

Number 1 Favorite from each Generation

144Articuno2 #1 Kanto - Articuno
176Togetic2 #1 Johto - Togetic
334Altaria2 #1 Hoenn - Altaria
430Honchkrow2 #1 Sinnoh - Honchkrow
547Whimsicott2 #1 Unova - Whimsicott
708Phantump2 #1 Kalos - Phantump
And Decidueye
To-Do List
  • Adopt this Wikia (See my plans here)
    • Delete all PTD2-exclusive pages. This Includes:
      • Every Pokemon that isn't in PTD1
      • Every Ability that isn't in PTD1
      • Every Move that isn't in PTD1
      • PTD2 level articles
    • Delete all spam-posts and block them
  • Change the PokeID Template so it looks nicer
  • Change the Attacks Template
  • Re-Edit all Attack pages
  • Re-Edit all the available PTD1 Pokemon pages
  • Remove unnecessary Categories
  • Remove any mentions of PTD2 on pages
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