Unknown Dungeon
Unknown Dungeon
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Previous level Champion
Money Rate x1

The Unknown Dungeon is the 42nd and final level in Pokémon Tower Defense. It can be accessed after beating the Elite 4, Champion, and Mewthree. This dungeon is where you can capture the two legendary Pokémon, Mew and Mewtwo. Note that this is a medium difficulty task, as either Pokémon may appear randomly, or not at all, and the other Pokémon were placed in the level to confuse the player due to similar/larger size and/or color to hide Mew and Mewtwo, allowing them to escape or be destroyed before the player realizes they have even appeared.


Unknown Dungeon Layout

Waves: 40

Spots: 6


Red Level Blue Level
026Raichu2Raichu 86-89 026Raichu2Raichu 86-89
024Arbok2Arbok 86-89 028Sandslash2Sandslash 86-89
040Wigglytuff2Wigglytuff 86-89 040Wigglytuff2Wigglytuff 86-89
042Golbat2Golbat 86-89 042Golbat2Golbat 86-89
047Parasect2Parasect 86-89 047Parasect2Parasect 86-89
049Venomoth2Venomoth 86-89 049Venomoth2Venomoth 86-89
064Kadabra2Kadabra 86-89 064Kadabra2Kadabra 86-89
082Magneton2Magneton 86-89 082Magneton2Magneton 86-89
085Dodrio2Dodrio 86-89 085Dodrio2Dodrio 86-89
097Hypno2Hypno 86-89 097Hypno2Hypno 86-89
101Electrode2Electrode 86-89 101Electrode2Electrode 86-89
105Marowak2Marowak 86-89 105Marowak2Marowak 86-89
112Rhydon2Rhydon 86-89 112Rhydon2Rhydon 86-89
113Chansey2Chansey 86-89 113Chansey2Chansey 86-89
132Ditto2Ditto 86-89 132Ditto2Ditto 86-89
150Mewtwo2Mewtwo 86-89 150Mewtwo2Mewtwo 86-89
151Mew2Mew 86-89 151Mew2Mew 86-89

Catching Mewtwo and Mew The Pokémon of this level may be classified into the following categories:

  1. Mew-associated Pokémon: Mew, Mewtwo
  2. Neutral Pokémon: Marowak, Rhydon, Chansey, Electrode, Parasect, Raichu, Ditto, Arbok/Sandslash.
  3. Dodrio-associated Pokémon: Dodrio, Kadabra, Hypno, Golbat, Venomoth, Magneton, Wigglytuff.

To catch Mewtwo or Mew, waves with Mew-associated Pokémon must appear. Waves with Dodrio will not feature any Mews or Mewtwos.

  • Waves with Mew-associated Pokémon: Mew, Mewtwo + all 8 neutral Pokémon.
  • Waves with Dodrio-associated Pokémon: Dodrio, Kadabra + 3 other Dodrio-associated Pokémon + 5 neutral Pokémon.


  • Sam has confirmed that Mew will not appear as a Shiny Pokémon in this level, which leaves Shiny Mew obtainable only through the spending of SnD coins or trading.
  • When the level was released, there was a bug that randomly stopped the waves from spawning at some point. This glitch appeared to only affect the Blue version of the game for reasons unknown.
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