There are 3 starter Pokémon to choose from:

Pokemon Tower Defense

  1. 001Bulbasaur2 Bulbasaur
  2. 004Charmander2 Charmander
  3. 007Squirtle2 Squirtle

Pokemon Tower Defense: Generations

  1. 152Chikorita2 Chikorita
  2. 155Cyndaquil2 Cyndaquil
  3. 158Totodile2 Totodile

You can choose only one starter Pokémon per profile. To obtain the other starter Pokémon, you have to trade with somebody or yourself. The starter Pokémon is your first Pokémon (and usually your strongest). It is given away by Professor Oak in the tutorial or by Professor Elm before fighting multiple Shadow Pokemon.


Pokemon Tower Defense

001Bulbasaur2 Bulbasaur --Lvl 16--> 002Ivysaur2 Ivysaur --Lvl 32--> 003Venusaur2 Venusaur

004Charmander2 Charmander --Lvl 16--> 005Charmeleon2 Charmeleon --Lvl 36--> 006Charizard2 Charizard

007Squirtle2 Squirtle --Lvl 16--> 008Wartortle2 Wartortle --Lvl 36--> 009Blastoise2 Blastoise

Pokemon Tower Defense: Generations

152Chikorita2 Chikorita --Lvl 16--> 153Bayleef2 Bayleef --Lvl 32--> 154Meganium2 Meganium

155Cyndaquil2 Cyndaquil --Lvl 14--> 156Quilava2 Quilava --Lvl 36--> 157Typhlosion2 Typhlosion

158Totodile2 Totodile --Lvl 18--> 159Croconaw2 Croconaw --Lvl 30--> 160Feraligatr2 Feraligatr

Shiny Starters

There are a few ways to obtain shiny starter Pokémon:

001Bulbasaur3 004Charmander3 007Squirtle3 152Chikorita3 155Cyndaquil3 158Totodile3


These are the abilities of the starter Pokémon.

Appearances In Game


  • It doesn't matter which Pokémon you choose, the Poké Ball behind Prof. Oak that disappears is always the middle one.
  • Out of all the starters, Bulbasaur evolves faster than the other Starters, evolving into Venusaur at level 32.
    • Conversely, Totodile evolves slower than the other Starters, evolving into Feraligatr at level 30.
  • Before v.5.6.1, you could get the shiny Kanto starters by buying a Daily Gift.

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