Shiny voltorb

With Alpha 3.5, Shiny Quests have been introduced. However, the only shiny quest is the shiny Voltorb quest, which is finished by catching ten Pikachus at level 42 or higher and an electrode and a Pikachu that must be level 42 or higher too.(Note: The Pokemon shouldn't be hacked, otherwise, it won't work)

How to Start

To start the quest, there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled:

  1. Finish Diglett's Cave to pick up Cut
  2. Teach a Pokémon Cut
  3. Go to Route 2 and cut the tree at the right of Joey to get the HM for Flash (if you have an Abra in your party and used it at any point during the level you will activate an in-game trade instead)
  4. Teach a Pokémon Flash
  5. Go to Rock Tunnel
  1. Beat every Trainer in the level (there are 4: 2 Hikers and 2 Picknickers)
  2. Beat every group of wild Pokémon at least once (there are 3: 1 of 10 waves, 1 of 20 and 1 of 30)
  3. Go to the pile of rocks at the north of the cave
  4. If you have done everything else, a giant Onix should appear
  5. Once you beat it, the Old Man will appear at the entrance of the tunnel

The Quest

To finish the quest you need to complete 3 steps

  1. Have a Lv. 42 or higher Electrode in your team
  2. Have a Lv. 42 or higher Pikachu in your team
  3. Catch 10 Pikachu after you have a Lv. 42 or higher Electrode and Pikachu without logging off

All the above pokemon must be legit (you can't train your Electrode or Pikachu in the Hacked version)

You can find Voltorb (that evolves into Electrode) in the Rock Tunnel in a wild encounter and it can be found at Power Plant on both versions.

You can find Electrode in the Unknown Dungeon as well.

You can find Pikachu in Viridian Forest 1 & 2 and in Power Plant. A helpful tip is to have a couple bug pokemon with string shot and a Marowak or Kingler with False Swipes on both sides.

TIP: Pikachu is FAR more common in Power Plant than in the Viridian Forests 1 and 2.

When you finish the 3 steps go to the Old Man at the entrance of Rock Tunnel (Flash is still required) and bring your Electrode & Pikachu.

He will give you a Shiny Voltorb Lv.5

Rock tunnel map

A map of Rock Tunnel.

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