Shadow Pokémon are a new type of Pokémon that was added in v5.3. Every obtainable Pokémon in PTD (including legendaries) has a shadow version. They cannot be found in the wild (for their location, see below). They don't receive STAB from Shadow-type moves.

In other Pokémon games, Shadow Pokémon are stronger than regular Pokémon and have many mysterious traits, such as not being able to level up until purified. In PTD, however, the only difference between shadow and regular Pokémon is that Shadow Pokémon can learn Shadow-type moves.

Their appearance is a little different from the normal sprite. They have a dark-purple tint/dark sparkle around them that makes the Pokémon itself look darker than it should be.


Game Corner

In "Random Non-evolved Shadow Pokémon" in the Game Corner, there are 65 different Non-Evolved Shadow Pokémon available from this. Each have an equal chance of being selected: 1.54%

Random Non-evolved Shadow Pokémon
Bulbasaur Nidoran ♀ Psyduck Magnemite Hitmonchan Pinsir Snorlax
Charmander Nidoran ♂ Mankey Doduo Koffing Tauros Dratini
Caterpie Clefairy Growlithe Seel Rhyhorn Lapras Mewtwo
Weedle Vulpix Poliwag Shellder Chansey Magikarp Mew
Pidgey Jigglypuff Machop Gastly Tangela Ditto Missingno.
Rattata Zubat Bellsprout Drowzee Kangaskhan Eevee
Spearow Paras Tentacool Krabby Horsea Porygon
Ekans Venonat Geodude Exeggcute Goldeen Omanyte
Pikachu Diglett Ponyta Cubone Scyther Kabuto
Sandshrew Meowth Slowpoke Hitmonlee Electabuzz Aerodactyl

Achievement Shadow Pokemon

Via NPC Trade

Former Mystery Gift Pokemon


  • They are the opposite of Shiny Pokémon, also called Anti-Shiny Pokémon.
  • If you use Shadow Rush in an older version, all the Pokémon will freeze when an attack is launched.
  • Shadow Pokemon originally gained 50% less exp than normal Pokemon but Sam changed that, so now they get the same amount as regular Pokemon.

Special Moves

By Default
Level Move Type Power Cooldown Duration Notes
- Shadow Rush Shadow-Type 55 18 Has normal effectiveness against all Types, and cannot be obtained anyway else.

Pre-Release Pictures

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