Route 17
Route 17
Icon for the Level
Previous level Safari Zone
Next level Route 19
Objective Defeat Zapdos
Money Rate x1


Initially, the Player is seen exiting Fuchsia City to the west, followed by Joey and Maruto. Joey whines about having to walk in the rear, and is promptly ignored and left behind by his companions. After he runs to catch up, the focus shifts to Gary Oak on Route 17. He is talking with Zapdos, claiming that it has defeated all of his Pokémon, when he expresses the feeling that Zapdos wants him to come closer. As Gary approaches the legendary bird, the Player's party arrives. Gary tells the Player that they must defeat Zapdos, and then gives some insight into the bird's attacks:

  • Zapdos's Drill Peck: "When you see it spinning, it will use Drill Peck. This attack will hit the Pokémon in the field with the most health. It will not quit spinning until it hits somebody."

  • Zapdos's Thunder: "When it stops moving, you need to put as many Pokémon as possible on the field. It will do a Thunder move that will even pierce the ground. No Pokémon is safe. This attack splits its damage with everybody on the field, so having all your Pokémon on the field is essential."

Finally, Gary says that he will heal your injured Pokémon if you put them in the three spaces in front of him. He will heal the Pokémon with the lowest health first. He also predicts that Zapdos will abduct him and carry him off to Mewthree if you do not defeat it quickly enough. The level ends when you defeat Zapdos.


Route 17 Layout

Waves: 10

Spots: 14

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