Rock Tunnel
Rock Tunnel Icon
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Previous level Diglett's Cave
Next level Lavender Town
Objective Defend your Rare Candy against Wild Pokémon.
Money Rate x1


  • Enter with a Pokémon that knows HM Flash (obtainable on Route 2 if you use Cut on the bush).


Make your way across the maze-like tunnel and find the exit. Battle against multiple trainers, wild Pokémon, and a giant Onix! Can you save the Old Man and finish his quest for a shiny Voltorb? Or will you spend your days on the cave training your Pokémon? Upon entering, if you do not have a Pokémon that knows HM Flash, the giant Onix will immediately throw you out. If you lose in any part of this level you will have to start over again.

Catchable Pokémon

Pokémon Level - Area 1 Level - Area 2 Level - Area 3
041Zubat2Zubat 30 35 40
066Machop2Machop 20 20 20
074Geodude2Geodude 30 35 40
095Onix2Onix 30 35 40
100Voltorb2Voltorb 20 20 20

These Pokémon appear as groups in waves of 10 (Area 1), 20 (Area 2), or 30 (Area 3).

Random Pokémon that are also catchable in the tunnel show up at the end of each wave regardless of which group of Pokémon you run into. EX: If you run into a group of Zubat, waves of Zubat will come, but the last Pokémon in each wave could be a Geodude, Machop, etc.

How to leave Maze-like Tunnel without quest!

First, go right, and battle Picnicker Ariana. If you win go up. and then you have three options: right, up, or down. Click on up and battle. If you win go up and now you have four options: right, left, up, or down. Click on left to leave the tunnel.


Rock tunnel map

First Wild Encounter Spot (Bottom-Left):

  • Waves: 10
  • Spots: 8
  • Defending: N/A

Second Wild Encounter Spot (Bottom-Right):

  • Waves: 20
  • Spots: 8
  • Defending: N/A

Third Wild Encounter Spot (Top-Right):

  • Waves: 30
  • Spots: 8
  • Defending: N/A

Two defensive battles with trainers:

  • Waves: 1
  • Spots: 3

Two offensive battles with trainers:

  • 80 energy (4 Pokémon)
  • 3 enemy towers

Giant Onix


Rock Tunnel where you encounter giant Onix

Giant Onix appears after you have defeated all trainers and all groups of wild Pokémon at least once in a single visit.

Shiny Quest

Shiny voltorb

Old man with shinies

After defeating the giant Onix and releasing the Old Man, he will tell you about the Shiny Quest if you return to the entrance. To receive a Shiny Voltorb from him, you must catch 10 Pikachus without closing the window and show him an Electrode and a Pikachu, both level 42 or higher. There are other ways to get shiny voltorbs but you need to play the level and go left at the start.


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