The first round in the Pokemon World Tournament is Wattson vs You.

Wattson is the Electric-type Gym Leader of Hoenn, so its advisable to use ground as your primary element. Speaking of primary elements, one rule of the battle is that your pokemon all have to have one type in common. 

A large informational excerpt from Sam's blog:

If it's lagging too much, disable the Battle Text (press menu while battling)

  • Round 1 Battle 
  • First Wave
    • One Ampharos with plenty of time to spare
    • Three Ampharos with plenty of time to spare
    • Ampharos has the Blinding Flash Attack
  • Second Wave 
    • One Electrode with plenty of time to spare
    • Three Electrodes with a good amount of time
    • Three Electrodes with plenty of time to spare
    • Electrode has the Massive Explode Attack
  • Third Wave 
    • Swarms of Magnemite
    • One Magnezone
    • Magnezone has the Magnetic Pull Attack
  • Fourth Wave
    • Swarms of Pikachu
    • Three Raichus with a good amount of time between them
    • Raichu has the Boost Discharge Attack
  • Fifth Wave 
    • The Generators are added to the map
    • One Rotom with plenty of time
    • Three Rotoms with plenty of time
    • Rotom has the Machine Takeover Attack
    • Generators have Power Up
  • Sixth Wave 
    • Mega Manectric shows up!
    • Mega Manectric has Massive Roar and Summoning Lightning
  • Seventh Wave 
    • Ampharos and Electrode with a good amount of time
    • Magnemite and Magnezone with a good amount of time
    • Pikachu and Raichu with a good amount of time
    • Three Rotoms

New Enemy: Power Generator

There will be different power generators around the level that will power up the enemy units. You can destroy these. They will be Steel/Electric type.

  • Graphic
  • Stats 

New Attacks  - These are custom boss attacks that I've come up with for the level to make it more interesting.

  • Power Up  - Generators will power up enemy units, causing them to speed up. You can destroy the generators to stop this power up from happening.
  • Massive Roar  - Makes a unit go back to it's pokeball if nobody is near the user of this move. If you don't have somebody attacking Mega Manectric he will begin using this attack.
  • Summoning Lightning  - a lightning cloud that can summon enemies in different spots of the map. Mega Manectric summons these clouds about every 30 seconds.
  • Blinding Flash  - Disables a unit for a few seconds and lowers it's accuracy.
  • Machine Takeover  - Takes over a power generator and causes it to attack towers. Rotom takes over any generators that are still standing and does Omnious Wind to any of your towers.
  • Massive Explode  - After a few seconds a massive explosion hits all towers. Each attack that causes damage will  cause Electrode to stop and become more agitated. After a certain number of hits he will explode causing damage to all your towers. If not attacked Electrode will become less agitated.
  • Magnetic Pull Magnezone will toggle between pulling units in to it's lane and pushing them out to different lanes.
  • Boost Discharge - After speeding up twice it will discharge it's speed (whether it's positive or negative) and pass it on to the other units and pass the opposite to your towers. For example if Raichu has a +2 speed boost. All other enemy units will gain +2 speed boost and your towers will get a -2 speed debuff.
  • Battle Rule - You can only use Poké of a common type. (Your whole party must have one type in common)

*Note: The level won't end until all candy is stolen, or ALL generators are destroyed.