Pokémon Tower Defense is a game developed by Sam & Dan Games. It was first announced on December 2, 2010, with the first release to the public on March 20, 2011 on the Android. It was originally intended to be an app on the market place but was pulled off by Google for copyright infringement. In addition, there was a PTD unlocker.apk available for a little while, but it has been pulled off by Google too. PTD 1 is available as a Flash game, a windows.exe file, and as a sideloadable.apk for Android devices. The second PTD game (see below) is available as a Flash game and a sideloadable.apk for Android devices.

In the game, you are a trainer who goes out into Kanto to start your journey as a Pokémon Trainer. You, Joey, and Maruto join together to stop the evil plans of The General, a Shiny Mewtwo, from coming to fruition. The game is now finished and its sequel, Pokemon Tower Defense 2: Generations is playable here.


The old version of the game

PTD Start Menu

The new version of the game

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