Move Information:
Normal-Type Physical
Accuracy 100%
Additional Effects:

The user sticks out its head and attacks by charging straight into the target. It may also make the target flinch. This move may also be used to knock certain Pokemon out of trees

Learned By

By Level Up

079Slowpoke2Slowpoke: Lv 23 086Seel2Seel: Lv 0 096Drowzee2Drowzee: Lv 13
097Hypno2Hypno: Lv 13 104Cubone2Cubone: Lv 11 494Victini2Victini: Lv 17

By Using Move Tutor

080Slowbro2Slowbro: Lv 23 087Dewgong2Dewgong: Lv 0 105Marowak2Marowak: Lv 11
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