Untitled112 feve
Move Information:
Ground-Type Physical
Accuracy 100%
Additional Effects:

The user stomps down on the ground and attacks everything in the area. Hit Pokemon's Speed stat is reduced.

This move will not slow down Flying-type pokemon.

Learned By

By Level Up

050Diglett2Diglett: Lv 18 074Geodude2Geodude: Lv 32 075Graveler2Graveler: Lv 36
076Golem2Golem: Lv 36 111Rhyhorn2Rhyhorn: Lv 30

By Using Move Tutor

051Dugtrio2Dugtrio: Lv 18 112Rhydon2Rhydon: Lv 30

By Using TM

003Venusaur2 006Charizard2 009Blastoise2 023Ekans2 024Arbok2 027Sandshrew2 028Sandslash2 031Nidoqueen2 034Nidoking2 050Diglett2
051Dugtrio2 056Mankey2 057Primeape2 061Poliwhirl2 062Poliwrath2 066Machop2 067Machoke2 068Machamp2 074Geodude2 075Graveler2
076Golem2 079Slowpoke2 080Slowbro2 095Onix2 104Cubone2 105Marowak2 106Hitmonlee2 107Hitmonchan2 108Lickitung2 111Rhyhorn2
112Rhydon2 113Chansey2 115Kangaskhan2 127Pinsir2 128Tauros2 130Gyarados2 131Lapras2 142Aerodactyl2 143Snorlax2 149Dragonite2
150Mewtwo2 151Mew2 243Raikou2 244Entei2 245Suicune2 000Missingno.2
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