PTD Avatar Chat was a feature added in Alpha v4.6.1 of PTD 1, though it is no longer accessible. Let us give it a moment, for this was what made trading more possible. You could use the same email and password that you would use to log in to PTD 1 and 2. All you can do is walk around and talk to other people. You could ignore someone by using /ignore nickname, which was added in Alpha v4.8.1 of PTD 1. You could use it by typing /ignore and then the user's name (Note: the name is case-sensitive so you really need to type the name exactly). You could get all sorts of Pokémon by trading with people in the Avatar Chat. From what is known, Sam's name on the Avatar Chats was SamO, and he, in some occasions, gave facts to people so they could obtain rare Pokémon. 


  • There were three different chat servers that a player could use to be able to be directed to.
  • It was taken down due to low moderation on December 31, 2012. Its been almost 2 years since it was taken off so I don't think it is ever coming back :(. -Shiny9875
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